Elizabeth Alice Holmberg (1928-2016)



Elizabeth Holmberg with her chickens (visiting chicks) at Bethanie Joondana, Western Australia. 2012.

Elizabeth Alice Holmberg passed away peacefully on Sunday afternoon 3rd July 2016.  She was 88 years old and is survived by her loving family Joe Crawford (her husband for the last three years), her five children Deidra Young, David Holmberg, Miriam Hart, James and Christopher Holmberg.

She will also be missed by Deidra’s husband Stephen Young who cared for her for many years.  Stephen provided Elizabeth with much needed support and love in her later years.  Elizabeth is loved and remembered by her six grandchildren: Lauren Young, Lucy and Chelsea Hart, and Michael, Melissa and Mark Holmberg.



Elizabeth, Deidra, Doug and David Holmberg ~ 1959


Deidra and Elizabeth Holmberg ~ 1955 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Deidra and Elizabeth Holmberg. 1975. Girrawheen, Western Australia


Elizabeth Holmberg All Saints Hospital, The Aklavick, Northern Territories, Canada. 1952.


Elizabeth Holmberg’s home in the Aklavick, Northern Territories, Canada. 1954.



One thought on “Elizabeth Alice Holmberg (1928-2016)

  1. Greg Nelson-White

    Remember Elisabeth well from the 70s. So very glad she was well cared for and went peacefully.


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